We know that a key component of any scam is the prevalent use of deception. Here you will discover a few of the many deceptions utilized by Armando Montelongo to get unsuspecting, desperate people to clean out their bank accounts for the express purpose of fattening his own.

Here are a few facts. We report, you decide if there is widespread, intentional deception.

CASE #1: People go to "review" or "scam" websites to find out the truth about certain people, products or services. And there are countless sites that host many complaints by Montelongo students who feel they have been scammed. Even the Better Business Bureau has posted a scam warning on his seminars. To try and counteract that, it appears Armando Montelongo, or his people may have published several bogus websites and blogs designed to appear as though they are objective third party reviews, all of them saying great and wonderful things about him, and that there is no merit to others who file complaints.

Here are some probable examples of these bogus sites (dead giveaways - registrant for the first two is Domains By Proxy - someone wants to stay cloaked. All of them appear to use copyrighted photos only Montelongo can use without permission):

  • Flip This Armando Montelongo Seminar.com
  • Flip This Armando Montelongo Bus Tour.com (notice the similar names)
  • Armando Montelongo Review WARNING SCAM

    While the third one SAYS it is a SCAM WARNING, the opposite is true - it is a praise site that ends, not surprisingly, with "Don't think. Just do it." A phrase Montelongo uses often. Nope - they don't want you to THINK! DECEPTION?

    Of course, these fraudulent "scam" sites that actually praise Montelongo belie the many, many sites that criticize him, or those that post complaints by actual customers who feel they have been scammed. As you can see, these sites use deception to deceive potential consumers into thinking a) Montelongo is wrongly accused, and b) that these sites are by independent third parties. DECEPTION?

    CASE #2: Speaking of the Better Business Bureau, Armando Montelongo Worldwide, and Armando Montelongo Seminars both have an "F" rating at the BBB. To counteract that, Mr. Montelongo has created yet another "company" named "Armando Montelongo Jr." He understands that most people, when searching for him at the BBB, will use his NAME, not the business name. And since this new company (using his name) has no customers, it therefore can have no complaints, resulting in an A+ rating. Again, DECEPTION?

    CASE #3: Another deception is how he advertises his seminars. The advertising for the seminars is designed to convince you that you will learn how to grow rich from that seminar, even though it is not actually stated that way. In fact, the primary purpose of the seminar is to talk you out of a LOT of your hard earned cash - up to $40,000 for other seminars, bus tours etc. DECEPTION?

    And in 2011, the Texas Attorney General objected to his practices and deemed them to be a scam. Montelongo was forced to make certain concessions and stipulations, without admitting guilt, in order to get the AG off his back.

    CASE #4: And yet another deception - in December 2012, Armando Montelongo attempted a forced take-down of our Armando Montelongo review page at www.real-estate-made-easy.com/armando-montelongo.html by erroneously - and illegally - using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) which is strictly for copyright issues. Subsection A (17 U.S.C. 512(c)(3)(A)) states that to be effective a notification must include identification of the copyrighted works claimed to have been infringed;

    Armando Montelongo did not identify ANY copyrighted works being infringed, because there were not. Still, he claimed in his DMCA to our server host, "I am writing to inform you of... copyright abuse in violation of the DMCA. Please see the information below related to this take-down matter."

    First and foremost, he falsely claims a copyright issue when his complaint fails to list ANY copyright issue, required by DMCA. There are no copyright issues listed in the Armando Montelongo complaint because the site does not use any of his copyrighted work. Obviously, his attempted take-down failed miserably because it was baseless. Not only that, it was illegal - it is a crime to abuse the DMCA in the manner he abused it.

    So here is the point - through his "Licensed Branding LLC" team, he "fabricated" an issue of "copyright abuse" in order to try an illegal take-down under DMCA. He KNEW there were no copyright issues. And he also knows that anyone can use his trademark if it is for purposes of comparison or reviews, as clearly stated in the Lanham Act (trademark law). Armando Montelongo used - DECEPTION!. And perjured himself in an attempt to silence the truth.

    So, without even having to get into his actual real estate investing "program" or bus tours, we can already see that deception is something Armando Montelongo uses whenever it suits him.

    It is noteworthy that in 2011 the Texas State Attorney General was concerned that Armando Montelongo was scamming people, and forced him to enter into an agreement to meet certain stipulations if Montelongo wanted to continue operating in his home state.

    So, the question once more is whether or not Armando Montelongo is a scammer. You can decide that for yourself, but the way we figure it, any person who resorts to deception at the drop of a hat has a lot to hide. And anyone who feels as threatened by the numerous bad reviews and compaints as he does, well, all we can say is if he wants to put an end to the bad PR, perhaps he should offer a product/service that is better, and more fairly priced. Instead of trying to do damage control, he migfht want to try QUALITY CONTROL.

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